Death Mystery Of Sri-Devi


We have talked a lot about many cases so far.For example Sushant Singh Rajput was in trend and a VIP case till today’s date.
According to Ex-Raw Officer N.K.SOOD what he feels about the death of Sri-Devi was a Murder.It was done by the underground connections and influence by the Bollywood industrial connection.Beside,according
To me–
The case of Sri-Devi they made the nation watch the Stories,pictures came from Dubai.
Being in an International platform that too Dubai where it is an easy task for underground to murder Sri-Devi.There was a big conspiracy done between Underground and Bollywood to suppress this case.
People did talk but not able to review or interrogate or inquire about the activity.
I understand the fact of International customs,treaties and MOU signed between two countries where they plays their counterpart role but what about the objection ground?
How it is going to comply?
We all should pray and request NIA National Security to look into this matter as the time has come to reveal the truth and should take the matter in cognizance to investigate.
Ex-Raw officer and Deepika were the upfront fighters moving to Supreme Court for Justice of Sri-Devi.
Least we can do is to support their document as the cooking story made that time was not at all digestive or admissible to me or the Nation and Offcourse the Nation wants to know about it.
Using my democratic rights,I want to convey my concern to the NIA department,The National Security urge them to find out.The Truth and give us Justice..

By Trisha cherry Chakraborty.

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