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Forensic science is the application of sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering to matters of law.

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As Professional Forensic Consultant, We Provide all the services in the Forensic Domain like Document Examination & Verification, Handwriting and Signature Verification, Fingerprint Matching and Verification, Cyber Forensic, Mobile Forensic, Forensic Accounting for Corporate and Banks, Crime Scene Investigation, Custom Forensic Science and its Equipment's development. We seek to provide the most practical guidance in the forensic field, opening the boundaries not only to specialized scientists but also to all people. These include police officers, forensic scientists, attorneys and judges, among others.
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Services For Police

Since time immemorial, the humanity has had the threat of criminals and violent mob. These provoke events that paralyze not only the single country, but also sometimes the whole world. Many of these widely known cases have motivated the creation of the largest investigation agencies in the world. The components that are common factors in solving these cases are relevant skills and forensic sciences. This perfect combination has been responsible for resolving crimes, finding guilty parties, and delivering peace of mind to victims and their families. Criminal investigations are processes that involve analysis of the facts and evidence to track down and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. This process includes several steps and procedures sometimes difficult to understand not only for people not involved in the legal environment, but also even for those involved. This is especially true in modern-day criminal investigations where advanced technology and a broad spectrum of knowledge can help to solve cases.

Services For Laboratory

A Forensic Science laboratory has a unique place in delivering justice. As per requirements, scientific expert witness is to act neither for prosecution nor for the defiance but for the court only and in no case he is supposed to act a biased witness. Keeping this fact in view, to act with full efficiency and in unbiased manner, all the facilities to analyze the evidence material should be available as well as a conducive environment must be there in the laboratory. To make it possible, we provide forensic consultancy services supported by renowned laboratories, analytical instruments, reference material and collections. We offer critical appraisal and evaluation of reports, case files and source documents concerning forensic analysis and crime scene examination. We provide quality and timely advice all contained in a comprehensive report that makes sense to even non-scientific readers.

Services For Medical

Forensic Medical Consultants are renowned for providing impartial expert opinions reflecting current wisdom in clinical forensic medicine. We offer all possible range of consultancy services in forensic medicine field like- Forensic Pathology Service, Legal and medico-legal systems for death investigation and related legislation, Clinical Forensic Medicine Services , Forensic Radiology Service, Planning for Forensic Laboratory and expert opinions for Court. We also offer consultancy services in the field of medico-legal collection of specimens such as blood and tissues for forensic scientific analysis.

Services For Instruments providers

The forensic sciences enjoy great visibility and respect among the public today. Also, the forensic service organizations recognize the need to improve the scientific understanding of the scientific foundations of specific disciplines with the huge changes to forensic provision that have occurred over the past few years. Contrary to popular belief, setting up any kind of forensic service is not easy, but with the right advice and training it is possible to set up a facility. We can help advise on the space and equipment required and source it if necessary. We can write standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all the processes involved and we can train suitable personnel to the highest scientific standards. We are also Providing consultancy service during research for development of new instruments, technology, improvement in old instrumentation according to forensic science lab.

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